Gynaecology endoscopic unit

Establishment of the Gynaecology endoscopic unit

Minimal access surgery has come to the forefront in recent years and is a superior alternative to open surgery for many gynaecological procedures. One of the challengers is the learning curve to master this intervention, as doctors need laboratory training to learn didactic techniques and suturing skills before operating on patients.

Obtaining equipment and instrumentation for such training was a challenge that has been overcome by sponsorship. Dr Ramphal, head of gynaecology endoscopic Unit, played a pivotal role in securing sponsorship of R4 million from Karl Storz Endoscopy towards development of the endoscopic training laboratory as shown. The unit will train registrars and consultants and has the capacity of training 8 doctors at any one time. The unit was opened in December 2019

Training will resume with the easing of Covid -19 in 2022