Dr T.D. Naidoo

Dr T.D. Naidoo


Dr T.D. Naidoo (MBChB, FCOG, PhD)


033 897 3292


Research Interest

Urogynae/Pelvic Floor and Endoscopy

Campus / hospital

Grey’s Hospital


HCU, Specialist


Currently Head of Clinical Unit at Greys Hospital Pietermaritzburg, and Honorary lecturer Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN.

Has a special interest in Gynae Endoscopy and Uro-gynaecology, with particular interest in fistula surgery and anal incontinence.

Has a PhD in Uro-gynaecology from UKZN and is a member of SASOG, SAUGA, IUGA and WALS.

When not working and spending time with the family, enjoys marathon and ultra-marathon running.

 List of Publications
  1. Shabani, L.W. Moodley, M., Naidoo, T.D. Knowledge, awareness and attitude towards human papilloma virus vaccine in a resource-constrained setting: a comparison between an urban and rural population in South Africa.Southern African Journal of Gynaecological Oncology 11: 1-6.



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  1. Naidoo, T.D., Moodley, J., Esterhuizen, T.E. 2012. Incidence of postpartum anal incontinence among Indians and Black Africans in a resource-constrained country. International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 118:156-166. Winner – John J. Sciarra IJOG Prize Paper Award Honourable Mention 2012 – Best Clinical Research article from a low/Middle-Income Country.


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diabetic female. The South African Journal of Diabetes and

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